My name is Marc, im happily married and a proud dad of 4. I’m a Quantity Surveyor by day, sneaking around in the early hours trying not to wake anybody as I get ready for work, then come the evening its DADDY!!!’ as I’m mobbed when I walk through the door.

That’s the best part of my day.  

I don’t hate my job, but I couldn’t be a stay at home dad either. I’d get bored of the house work and it wouldn't get done - then I’d get it in the neck. The Mrs isn’t sure about me

blogging, but she’ll get over it! 

My intention for this blog was to share our experiences and thoughts to hopefully help out others who might be in a similar position or could relate to our musings. 

After a couple of months our eldest cottoned onto what I was doing and started to call it ‘our website’ which I thought was a really nice way of looking at it.

So I have also started to consider their dynamic within all of this and hopefully it will be a nice reference for them for years to come.  

Thanks for reading.