I cast my mind back to getting married in 2008 when life was soooo simple, but I (we) just didn’t see it. Our first born Evie came a year later and that hit me like a steam train! Usual stuff – sleep deprivation equivalent to SAS training; decrease in social life; and an increase in weight gain (nearly 2 stone).  Having said all that it was laced with a rejuvenated purpose for life. Children really do change your life for the better. 

Then our only boy Joe arrived in 2012. Much of the same, but this time with Reflux for 6 months. Those days were a blur, but you just manage. Or not as it quite often happened. Some days were hard going, and a sense of perspective was often required. There are so many worse things happening in this world; but it is hard to reconcile this when your right in the thick of a meltdown. 

One thing that is guaranteed is the world keeps spinning, the sun will rise in the morning and tomorrow is another day. A fresh start. Let’s do it all again! At times if we didn’t laugh we’d cry, but we got through.   The feeling of responsibility and unconditional love just kept growing.  

In 2014 the wife caught again completely unplanned; and having gone for a scan early on as ‘the boss’ was bleeding (thus expecting a miscarriage) we found out we were having twins! “F@*#!!! We can’t cope with 2, how the hell are we going to cope with 4?” Much to the amusement of my mates and with the clock now firmly ticking we set to work selling the house which looking back even now was the most stressful time given our predicament. 

We are so fortunate to have a fantastic family network and this was no more evident than when having to upscale houses to accommodate our growing brood. Initially living with the outlaws for 6 weeks with just Evie; then later moving in with my folks with all 4 kids for 2 months to finally secure the sale of our house while we waited in the chain.  

Nan and Granddad decanted to their camper van on the drive every night, as we swamped their 2 bed bungalow with our ‘Walton sized family’ which now included new born twin girls Violet & Nora. With childcare on tap; wife now gagged from having a pop at me; homemade food everynight; washing & ironing done; tucking into the old man’s booze; – it was the best 8 weeks of my life!!...and another 2 stone gained. 

Two plus years have passed since then and I’m sitting here smiling as I write this. Having children has given me a whole new perspective on life; and believe it or not if we could afford it we’d have had more!  

The journey is just starting.  I feel quite scared about what type of world they’ll all grow up in; but at the same time excited to watch them develop and see how their futures play out. We are ever so fortunate to be in this position with 4 amazing children and I feel blessed to be able write about our family.