Behind closed doors

Behind closed doors

Listening to 5 Live on the way to work and the presenter was discussing about talking in front of her children. This got me to think about what I say and do at home, and how this impacts on the kids away from the house? 

There are always things you say in the comfort of your own 4 walls that wouldn’t be repeated in the workplace or school for that matter. What do the kids really pick up on and repeat when im not there?  I am sure the primary school teachers out there could tell a story or two about most of us. 

Only a few weeks ago Joe dropped a cup of milk on the sofa despite me explaining to him before how important it was to be careful.  I swore; Joe cried; Evie bollocked me for swearing; and the twins ran around shouting the swear word id just blurted out for the next 2 minutes.  Another lesson learnt. 

I don’t want them wrapped in cotton wool and I’m sure they’ll hear worse in the playground, but it’s the other stuff that probably concerns me more – moans I have from work; my opinion on things that happen in the world etc etc. I want my kids to be able to make up their own minds on stuff and not be tainted by the negative things that have impacted on me.  Evie’s already started to pick up on the news – ‘why is it always about Donald Trump?’ much to Joe’s amusement as he blows a raspberry.

Behaviour is also transmittable. I often see Joe lay on the sofa with one leg crossed on the other knee, one hand behind his head and the other  fiddling with his gonads.  Don’t know where he gets that from?

Then there’s the chats the wife and I have when we think it’s only the two of us in the conversation; a couple of weeks later Evie might pipe up and say ‘do you remember when you said you’d take us to... (wherever)’ – me knowing full well I’d only spoken quietly to my wife about this. What else does she pick up on?

Ive come to the conclusion that I’d better not slag the new neighbours off when they move in as the summer is around the corner and we’ll all be playing in the garden soon. I wouldn’t want the twins to drop the ‘C’ bomb on them!