From 2 to the know

From 2 to the know

The wife: 'There's TWO isnt there?!!'
Me: Eh? What?
Nurse: (sypathetically nods)
The wife: (starts to cry)
Me: 'FUUUUUCKIN ELLLLL!!' (I also start to cry)
The wife: 'This wasnt a planned pregnancy! we've got 2 already, they're only young'
Nurse: (remains silent)
We stumble to the waiting room... and the rest is a blur to me.

Cut to today and it still feels surreal at times.  Every day is a huge learning curve in some format or another. 

So what do I know now that I didnt know 2 years ago when I fell out that scan room?...

  • With 4 kids you get stared at a lot, particularly when shopping. You also hear the odd funny comment which isn't meant for your ears
  • The twins are like a granny magnet (well I hope its the twins!)
  • The average family car or MPV just isn't man-enough for the job; your into the realm of people carriers or a 'party bus' as ours is known
  • I never thought I'd be rifling through neighbours bins in the dark searching for spare capacity given we have 2 green and 2 black wheelies
  • Anything that lights up and is within hands-reach gets trashed. That includes the tv.
  • Food times are toxic. If one says they don't like it, it seems to spread like wild-fire among the other 3
  • 6 pints of milk barely lasts a day
  • The washing machine takes even more of a battering than usual
  • Eating out as a family is uncomfortable at best. I'm sure this will improve over time, but for now it can go one of two ways and usually it's the wrong way
  • Double buggies are a bastard
  • I really hadn't anticipated the twins entertaining each other when they wake up in the mornings so this often means a lie-in!
  • Im considering starting a Worcester banana plantation

  and finally...