Going potty (training)

Going potty (training)

Violet seems to have taken to the potty training, but unfortunately Nora hasn't.

Evie: 'DAAAADDY!!! I can smell poo!'
Nora: 'me need a poo!'
Me: 'come here QUICK Nora, get on the potty!'
Me: 'OH FLAMIN HELL' (well, more colourful words to that effect!)

There is shit everywhere. In her pants, on her dress, up her back, on the sofa.

I don't need this. Yesterday's Weetabix has worked its magic. That stuff is now officially banned on my watch until they are toilet experts.

Joe and Violet are running around laughing and shouting 'fuckin hell!' at each other; and trying to poke at the poo with their lightsabers. They find it hilarious.

I am trying to keep them quiet as the wife is sleeping following back-to-back night shifts.

My hamstring then starts to cramp up from a game of football I had 2 days ago. I am in agony trying not to swear anymore and stretch my leg out on the drawers whilst also trying to contain the shit on the change table. Getting soiled pants off without cross contaminating is impossible. Aaaaagggggghhh!!!!

The only thing left to do is laugh as if I don't I feel like I am going to erupt after the nights sleep I have just had. We all start laughing uncontrollably together which is a lovely feeling, but this is obviously sending the wrong message to Nora who is laughing the loudest out of all of us!

Back into the safety of nappies for Nora I feel, until we are brave enough to have another try.