Good Cop Bad Cop

Good Cop Bad Cop

The wife and I seem to have assumed a 'Good Cop Bad Cop' routine over the years. Not all of the time, but just on occasions. She is a self-proclaimed hard-nosed cow when it comes to discipline so there are no prizes for guessing which cop I am!   It has just evolved this way over the years through my selfishness really. I suppose it is my way of coping with not being around very much during the week. It is not the way I had planned to parent pre-children; I just don't want to be a disciplinarian for the hour or so a day I see the kids during the week.

Occasionally the 1950's dad in me comes out, and that does get the required reaction; but most of the time I am the soft option. And don't the kids all know it! Long term I am not sure it is good for them or me but everyone has their own way of dealing with situations.

I feel quite guilty at times for not spending time with them throughout the week; missing school runs, after school clubs and the odd function. Fortunately I do get to tuck the kids into bed every night. Massive respect to those Mums and Dads who have to work away from home - that must be tough going.

I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks off work recently, and being able to do the school run together with other daily tasks (which I just thought the fairies do) was a massive insight. My respect for the 'Bad Cop' has massively heightened during this fortnight. Without boring you of the finer details I was so busy the one day, I went straight to bed without any tea as I was that tired!

To maintain some level of productivity in the day with multiple children you have to be able to run a tight ship and keep the order. When the ‘Good Cop’ lands at tea time and gets all the kids hyper, there is no wonder the ‘Bad Cop’ has to force them to ‘toe the line’ from time to time.