Shopping solo with four children

Shopping solo with four children

It seems like a good idea to go shopping to treat the kids and get out of the house, but it is not for the faint hearted when you have four children (or any children for that matter!).  I have done the hard yards and have learned by experience. 

Rule Number 1: It is never, and I repeat NEVER to be done on a hangover.

Outside of that, here's a few key pointers...

Brief the older kids before you leave and set out your stall about behavioural expectations.

Religiously ensure toilet trips and nappies are changed before you contemplate leaving the house.  Double check in the car-park before you decant them to the buggy.  If one of them sh*ts when you're out and by yourself, you are completely f*cked.

Plan ahead & prioritise:  

1.     Where to park the party bus without scraping it?

2.     Which shops take double buggies?

3.     What do I NEED to get? (there is no time for browsing).

4.     What's the weather going to do? - this could really do you over if you forget the rain cover.

5.     Map your route to avoid The Entertainer; McDonalds and those street sellers flogging balloons. 

Coffee shops are unfortunately out of bounds.  Ordering time; manoeuvrability; and that 3rd hand required to hold it without burning a baby makes them a no-go-zone. The best option here is a drive through if you can find one.

Have a couple of emergency treats up your sleeve, but don't peak too early.  A premature handout leads to expectations of '...there's more where that came from'.

If it's a trip to the supermarket don't forget the jackets.  It can be misleadingly cold down those refrigerated isles which can trigger it all off if you're not careful.

If all this is just too much, which it often is for us, there is always the internet! 

Happy shopping!