Terrific 2's!!

Terrific 2's!!

I have been besotted by all of our kids as babies but the crying, shitting & puking quickly knocked me off cloud 9 and dragged me back down to earth.

With the older two as the months went by I didn't always realise and fully appreciate the milestones and stages that were reached until they were over.  As amazing as it is to see the kids develop year on year, I find the so called "terrible twos" to be mesmerising and not the daunting phase it is marketed to be.

There will always be the strops and meltdowns from 12 months onwards which never seem to stop; but I see this as the child starting to find their feet, voicing their opinion and starting to develop their character.  Give me a stroppy 2 year old over a whining baby any day.

I remember thinking with our firstborn that with every stage she went through the whole parenting experience just kept getting better and better.  What would she do today when I walk through the door? Crawling; walking; speaking; what stuff had she learnt?... those pre-school years before they get influenced are the very best years.

The twins are going through it at the moment and they are both like little sponges soaking it all up.  They hang on our every word and repeat them like a couple of little parrots.  Every day is a massive adventure to them and we need to savour these times.  Snippets like watching them bollock each other when they're playing 'mummy' is gold.

Finding their true voices and building their vocabulary; interacting with the world; tasting new foods - all wonderful things to be a part of, and such a privilege to watch.  However, there will soon come a time when they'll not want to tug at Joe's willy anymore during bath times.  Mobbing me as I walk through the door will be replaced with ‘daddy, can I have your phone please’

The elation of moving out of nappies will soon be tainted with a sad reality that our babies are growing up and we'll never go through this amazing phase ever again ☹